Sara Rauchel 1


So when I started naming these posts, I always wondered what would happen if I had multiple people with the same name, and that time is now. I shot with my friend Sara, who isn’t the same as previous Saras I’ve posted. They also have the same first initial so that idea was eliminated too. Either way, took some pictures. It was rad. Results are here. She’s got on a lot of different American Apparel pieces as well as a Huf beanie and a tank top by my clothing brand(that I promise I’m going to make more clothes for soon), thecomeback!. Pics after the jump.

Gloria-V bodysuit by American Apparel
Disco Pants by American Apparel
Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie by American Apparel
Sumatran Tiger tank top by thecomeback!
Nordic Leaves beanie by HUF

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