An Evening with Sidney

Sidney Shot by Black Dave

Hey guys. I’ve been gearing up for my participation in THE BIG MIX and THE ART AND SOLE ART SHOW (click those links to see wtf I’m talking about) these days and so I’ve been neglecting just shooting to shoot to shoot in order to make sure I don’t completely let you guys down at these events. I’ve also been working a lot. With the release of the iPhone 5s and 5c, as well as iOS 7, I’m picking up a lot of extra hours. ANYWAY I got up with my friend Sidney who just moved back to Charleston from Virginia, and we took some pictures. Here’s a few of them, we cut a Nike SB shirt I had and took a few snaps looking in the direction of the port/bridge here. Pics after the jump as usual.

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Lyxi 2

Lyxi Shot by Black Dave

Second set of pictures of my night of shooting with Lyxi. I was really excited about how these came out. I’m still really excited. Clothing-wise, she’s got on a Bulls jersey and the Jordan XI shoes. Other outfit is a 10DEEP shirt and a pair of heels she brought.

Everyone who’s been keeping up with me as I approach having the site up for a year is really awesome. Fast approaching 40K views which is crazy to me and I’ve had some cool opportunities from photography. Will save a sappier post for tumblr or something. Pictures after the jump.

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Tee by 10DEEP
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Lyxi 1

Lyxi Cepeda Shot by Black Dave

Hello. I’ve been calling all of my posts “A Day with _______” not even thinking that I pretty much only shoot at night. Well the evening is much more classy of a time so I present to you…the new title scheme. ANYWAY, I shot with Lyxi and I wanna show you guys some shots. There’s an Obey snapback and a cut Nike SB shirt thrown in there somewhere. Images after the jump.

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Kiara 1

Kiara Shot by Black Dave

Hello! I am getting back into the groove of shooting regularly and so I’m gonna try to drop some posts on you guys. Shot with Kiara the other night in a tee from the sneaker shop here in Charleston, called…Sneaker. Click the name of the store to go to their webstore. They’ve got a lot of dope clothes and…sneakers. Pictures after the jump.

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Michael Jasmine 5

Michael Sheen Shot by Black Dave

I’m trying to shoot outside of my studio/backdrop setup a little bit for you guys, and for myself. I called Michael up one afternoon, I truthfully probably texted her but I also truthfully don’t remember, and asked her to come by and take some pictures in a kind of different setting. We got together for a little more than an hour and these are some of the shots we came up with. I’ve got pairs on pairs of huf plantlife socks so we pulled those out and also one of my favorite tees by the brand Rook. Pictures after the jump.

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Biggie Bear tee by Rook
Plantlife socks by HUF

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Hailey 7

Hailey Marie Shot by Black Dave


I barely shoot Hailey anymore. She lives with her boyfriend and works a lot and so her life has settled down a great deal from taking pictures with me every other day. Either way, got to hang out and take a bunch of pictures. I’m working on a bunch of photos for an art show I’m taking part in soon(details soon) and I was testing out a few concepts. Anyway, she’s wearing an American Apparel body suit and a couple of hats by Mitchell & Ness that I picked up at Cartel Supply Co. here in sunny Charleston, South Carolina. Short set of images after the jump.

PS – New watermark. Yes, it’s floral printed.

Bodysuit – American Apparel
Snapbacks – Mitchell & Ness

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Alex Lesley 3

Alex Lesley Shot by Black Dave

Hello guys. I shoot with Alex a lot. Here’s some more pictures I took of her. Not trying to bog you guys down with some long description. I got to shoot with a 50mm lens my girlfriend let me use and some of it is probably out of focus because I don’t know how to manual focus very well. Is that something I should post on my blog? Oh well. If anyone wants to shoot, hit me up. I think there’s a contact button at the top.

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Katy 1

Katy Rensberry Shot by Black Dave


The other day, I drove somewhere, down a few dirt roads and shit, and took pictures of my friend Katy. It was on some plantation or something and it was beautiful and so I shot a little out of my element, aka outdoors/not on a white wall. This is the place she’s getting married at soon and it’s really beautiful and I wasn’t invited to it, so this was my chance to take it in. Here are some of the shots we managed to get. All kinds of American Apparel and she pulled out heels by Christian Louboutin for some of the shots as well. Pictures after the jump.

Check out American Apparel HERE
Check Louboutin out HERE

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Sara Rauchel 1

Sara Denzer Shot by Black Dave


So when I started naming these posts, I always wondered what would happen if I had multiple people with the same name, and that time is now. I shot with my friend Sara, who isn’t the same as previous Saras I’ve posted. They also have the same first initial so that idea was eliminated too. Either way, took some pictures. It was rad. Results are here. She’s got on a lot of different American Apparel pieces as well as a Huf beanie and a tank top by my clothing brand(that I promise I’m going to make more clothes for soon), thecomeback!. Pics after the jump.

Gloria-V bodysuit by American Apparel
Disco Pants by American Apparel
Flex Fleece Zip Hoodie by American Apparel
Sumatran Tiger tank top by thecomeback!
Nordic Leaves beanie by HUF

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Ode Clothing Lookbook 1

Ode Clothing Shot By Black Dave


Hey guys. Shot my first lookbook a few weeks ago with my friend Nick Milak(who is a way better photographer than I could ever hope to be) for the brand Ode Clothing‘s(check them out on the Karmaloop Kazbah) Souf Cak collection. Souf Cak directly translates to South Carolina for everyone who is struggling to figure it out. I had a good time and got to shoot with some of my favorite people. Here are some of the results(after the jump) and you can peep the full results on the Ode website.

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