Rebecca Rikelman 1

Rebecca shot by Black Dave

Hey guys. The whole “a day with” thing works for me right now but I really want to start using alliteration and a word for “hanging out” instead for titles. ANYWAY I shot with my new friend Rebecca. We met that night and she was very cool and we shot some fun stuff. More pictures […]

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Elizabeth French 1

Liz shot by Black Dave

Hey. I always feel like I should say “hey” when I start these. Shot with Elizabeth the other night and it was a ton of fun. Definitely had a great time and we came out with some cool shots. I think that we came out with some cool pictures. Enjoy them after the jump. Be […]

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Happy 2013

It’s the middle of February and this is the first time I’m posting something all week. I’ve done these things so far: – shot outside for the first time…and second time – learned a bit more about lights – struggled to find more people to shoot with – took a small class on taking portraits […]

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