EP 000001

Hey it’s 2020 and I used the steam to overwhelm myself with a ton of goals. One of those goals is to start making music again, I guess as an artist, so this is the first of that goal. I’m going to try to drop an EP on the last day of every month. I guess to make this post worthwhile and not just an announcement I’ll say some stuff about the songs:

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Hello guys. Within the past couple of months, I’ve started a collective of sorts with some friends of mine dubbed “The Worst Generation”. Every Sunday I try to release content from the crew. I’ve been creating track art for each release and doing some mixes on my turntables for the weekly releases, dubbed #worstgenerationsundays. Here are photos and tracks for you to listen to:

#worstgenerationsundays - week1
#worstgenerationsundays - week2

#worstgenerationsundays - week4


#worstgenerationsundays - week6


Kevin Venom – Psilo

Got the chance to design the cover art for Kevin Venom’s latest EP of a bunch of singles he’s been dropping over the past few months. If you need track/mixtape/album art done, just hit me up. Check out the EP below: