EP 000002

Hey again. I actually have managed to keep up with this process of creating an EP each month and my EP for February is here for your listening pleasure. I’ve run into some issues with uploading it to streaming services but it finally happened and so I wanted to drop it on you. These songs are a somewhat different vibe than the first EP, but they all sound like me. Hope you enjoy.


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MJX – FASTR2 Vol 1

Yo! Worked with my friend MJX on his first mixtape called FASTR2, which stands for Funky Ass Shit To Ride To. It’s the first volume. The 2 just looked great. In terms of what I did for this project, I recorded the whole thing as well as designed the album art. Listen below and check out/follow him on Soundcloud.

PS: More photos soon

warholtheghost – White Rabbits (Dali Time) Music Video

A lot has been happening in life lately, but I haven’t been doing much work. I am, however, back. Here’s a new video I worked on with literally my favorite rapper in Charleston, warholtheghost. We put this together ahead of the release of his forthcoming album, amillionwaifus, and it’s a video for the song “White Rabbits.” Enjoy.

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