EP 000001

Hey it’s 2020 and I used the steam to overwhelm myself with a ton of goals. One of those goals is to start making music again, I guess as an artist, so this is the first of that goal. I’m going to try to drop an EP on the last day of every month. I guess to make this post worthwhile and not just an announcement I’ll say some stuff about the songs:

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Kiara 1

Kiara Shot by Black Dave

Hello! I am getting back into the groove of shooting regularly and so I’m gonna try to drop some posts on you guys. Shot with Kiara the other night in a tee from the sneaker shop here in Charleston, called…Sneaker. Click the name of the store to go to their webstore. They’ve got a lot of dope clothes and…sneakers. Pictures after the jump.

Follow Kiara on: twitter | instagram
Check out Sneaker: website/webstore | facebook

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Super Deluxe’s Dillamentals

Super Deluxe Shot by Black Dave

Hey guys. I haven’t been posting a lot lately. Been…busy? I don’t really think I’ve been busy but either way I haven’t been posting much. Have a few cool shoots coming you way. So the other night I went out and saw a band called Super Deluxe presented Dillamental,(click that) in collaboration with a few other artists put on some J. Dilla instrumentals in commemoration of the one and only.

I’m going to try and start posting more of my lifestyle in the form of pictures, on top of what I’ve been doing. Thanks for the support so far hope you stay stoked on what I do.

Images of Dillamental after the jump.

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