Taylor 2

Taylor shot by Black Dave

Here is the second batch of pictures I took with Taylor. Follow her on tumblr or instagram or twitter something.
The squad over at Cartel Supply Co. hooked up a few pieces of wardrobe. Check them out if you live in Charleston.

Here’s the wardrobe, pics after the jump:
Black top by Motel hooked up by Cartel Supply Co.
Black skirt by Motel hooked up by Cartel Supply Co.
Stockings & hold-ups by American Apparel
Cross top by Unif hooked up by Cartel Supply Co.

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Michael Jasmine 1

Michael Sheen shot by Black Dave

Hello again. I know quite a few girls named Michael and I got to shoot with one the other day. By quite a few I mean 3. Either way it was really cool because my friends at Cartel Supply Co., a shop here in Charleston, let me use some of their clothes for this shoot. Also, Michael’s boyfriend runs a brand called Manifest Fresh. Check out the shots and clothing credits after the jump.

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