EP 000001

Hey it’s 2020 and I used the steam to overwhelm myself with a ton of goals. One of those goals is to start making music again, I guess as an artist, so this is the first of that goal. I’m going to try to drop an EP on the last day of every month. In normal Black Dave format, I produced these myself and designed the cover art. I guess to make this blog post worthwhile and not just an announcement I’ll say some stuff about the songs:

The first song, Soldier, samples Final Fantasy 7, which is my favorite video game. I decided to write some FF7 related lyrics and this is what we ended up with. Also this song is first because it’s much more upbeat than the other two, so I wanted to get that out of the way instead of putting the higher energy song last, like I did on Unrequited.

The second song, Wonderland, sort of came from a freestyle. I used to be not terrible at freestyling, but now I’m terrible at it. I started out with the hook section, and I really just want to learn how to use autotune, and that’s much more the theme of this whole EP than any musical or lyrical callouts. For this beat, I used a sample that I’ve been sitting on for a while. I actually wasn’t into what I was making at first but I came back to it and things worked out. I have a bunch of samples that are really long and have a lot of parts in them that I avoid when I’m working on my daily beats for my YouTube and Beatstars pages.

The third/last song, Don’t Eat the Devil Fruit, ended up about the anime One Piece in a loose way. In the effort to figure out how to use autotune, there are a lot more layers than I’m used to doing, but it’s all a work in progress. I also really love the concept of devil fruits and I would totally eat one if given the chance. I can barely swim anyway.


Anyway, enjoy here are links followed by a Bandcamp embed. Click your platform of choice:

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