TXTLK – Vidonne

Hey everyone. I deleted my website on accident and decided to bring it back with something new. Here’s a new thing I’m doing called “TXTLK” where I’ll sort of interview and talk with someone via text message and share it with you. My first one was with my friend Vidonne at the end of July in 2019. I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while, and restarting my blog is the perfect time to bring this back. Hope you enjoy.

MicroVlog Ep. 1-5

I recently started my vlog back up in a small form, calling them MicroVlogs. They’re under a minute, to participate in the current landscape of social media, and are just quick little thoughts on things. I can’t guarantee they’ll all be positive but the first handful are. Here are the first 5 episodes so you to enjoy, I hope. Later.