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Welcome to 002

Thanks for joining me on this adventure.
I have two new songs for you this time around.

"Appreciate it"
"Kaioken 10"

the most special part of 002 is the
token that will be auctioned off that you can
claim to receive a rap verse from me at any time.

this is cool because it's an
up front show of support for me with a return
on the backend as i continue to grow as an artist.

I've started a new series of 3d works called
"isolation". I'm making them large so you
can check them out here in higher quality

Isolation 001
Isolation 002
Isolation 003

Manga tears 024-030 are included
in 002

Manga Tears 024
Manga Tears 025
Manga Tears 026
Manga Tears 027
Manga Tears 028
Manga Tears 029
Manga Tears 030